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Are You a Victim of Having to Leave Camera Equipment Behind? Check Out This Game Changer!!

A little too excited to share this with you! Recently, a family member was extremely kind and gifted this awesome, unexpected #waterproof #camera #bag and, hold the phone, did I mention it was a #backpack!? #GAMECHANGER! I have been completely overjoyed with how much easier lugging around my #camera #gear at an #event or even during a #portrait shoot has been. This camera backpack can easily find its purpose for any #photographer or #videographer not matter your niche. Would even go as far to say, with how easy it is organize the compartments within the bag it is far above and beyond just a camera bag for camera people. In case you do not already know I am an #outdoor photographer and if you're anything like myself, I tend to leave behind gear I could potentially use on a shoot. Not because I do not have a use for it simply because it can get so difficult to carry all the #lenses and equipment around with me, especially on those long hikes. Not to mention the possibility of it getting damaged, or even worse LEFT BEHIND! Sadly not voice activated, there is no Cortana to remind you of the ND Filter left on the rock by the big tree you told yourself you wouldn't forget but it does fit incredibly snug on your back, I often don't even set it down unless I need to get to the #equipment inside! There is a small and large bag to choose from as well as a few colors, I personally enjoy the green! Aside from it being my favorite color, it's bright and real easy to spot out! Rain cover included. I wanted to do a full video #review for you but at this moment, I happened across a well done video on #YouTube and will share that with you to get a feel for the product! Thank you Michael Willey!

Thinking this might be the next product to add to your arsenal? Know someone who might need this game changer?! Like, Share, Tag and be sure to grab yours here:

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