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To be truthful, I am genuinely excited to write this blog article. Are you on the fence about starting a website? Have you had this inner desire to start selling your art, music or merchandise online but not entirely sure where to get started? Afraid of the dreadful coding process and painstaking hours or finances to invest in the process. Fear not friend! I, just like many of you, are beginning the thought process of establishing an online presence beyond social media, hate to assume your already connected into the internet in some way in this day in age but its hard not to be. If by chance your not and your just starting out, this wonderful online website building software (no coding required) will not only walk you through getting your website up but offer the necessary tools to connect in more ways than your likely imagining even in this moment as well as offer great resources and an extremely helpful support team. A one stop location to do it all. Be sure to sign up for their blog for the latest news and updates!

Goggle was my go to "how to start a website", "best websites to get started with", "how to make money with a website". You will get a lot of hits back, you can weigh the pros and cons. For me, I got started out of the gates with, I have yet to be disappointed. They run fantastic promotions so be sure to keep eye, I have been continually pleased with the experience so much so I wanted to write this blog article. Also, to mention they have a great YouTube Channel.

This quick and easy drag and drop, run and gun website builder has allowed me to make some DRASTIC headway in providing up-to-date, unique and amazing content. The app market incorporates with your social media outlets and favorite business, to add, Wix makes it easy to sell anything online, you can link up with Paypal and other point of sale services like SquareUp, setup booking and contact information for your business or bog. It doesn't matter if your a photographer, a chef, a blogger a dog walker, if you have a desire to get yourself known, sell your art, market and advertise anything at all you can get started right away with one of their custom templates! It is real easy to get started, FREE to join, when your ready to buy your domain they make it easy as pie to publish your site as well as offer great tips on how to boost SOE and get found on Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Head on over to now and get started. If you don't find this user friend, if you rather go somewhere else, you are not binded into a certain time period. Get creative! Build 10 different sites until you find one your happy with, or just run all 10 the od