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Housecarers | House Sitters & Pet Sitters International Directory. Great for Todays Traveling Nomad! is an incredible website! An international directory for home and pet sitters, you can apply to house or pet sit or inquire within on sitters and making arrangements for your next travel experience. Almost at a loss for words to actually how incredible this resource is. A saving grace for travelers and pet lovers alike.

The worry and stress that can accompany travel at times can almost be enough to discourage any travel at all. It is very nice when we can reach out to close neighbors, friends or family to keep an eye on the home, or poke their head inside to leave out food and water for Carl the cat. Even then it presents the chaos of coordinating schedules, the stress of inconvenience and list goes on. The internet is a phenomenal place, it is connecting anyone, anywhere in the world at anytime. Everyday there are companies popping up all over the world with a wonderful mission, an intuitive business plan with some really cool services and with todays day and age, constantly changing at an evolving rate. based in Australia started in 2000 outreaching all over the world has taken the internet by storm and has changed the way we think travel, leisure and pet accommodations.

Head on over and visit their site to find out great information on how you can get involved in becoming a paid house/pet sitter OR details on coordinating your next travel plans and finding a sitter for your home.

How about folks out there who happen to be or inspire to be a digital nomad? Then I highly recommend this resource as a great and wonderful tool for exploring and earning your way to the places you want to go and the things you want to see! Work from anywhere in the world, connect and network with people never previously imaginable, all the while palling around with a furry friend without worry. This user friendly, well established, safe and secure website will easily get you setup and on to your way.

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