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Updated: Oct 21, 2018

In the market for a new printer? Maybe you've heard of the service offered by Hewlett-Packard

referred to as HP Instant Ink and want to know more!? You are in the right place. Not sure about you but if your anything like myself with literally no time for anything at all, when it comes to making a purchase you tend to choose ones that make life easier. As I do for essentially everything I buy I hopped onto Amazon to browse and locate a good deal. Naturally something new struck my attention. I ended up selecting the HP Envy 4520 Wireless Color Photo Printer with Scanner and Copier with Instant Ink Bundle. (Information on how to get a few free months below!)

I am photographer and wanted the ability to print my photos for at home and possibly open the door to in person sales so it was important to me to select a printer I felt catered to those needs. This printer in particular has a borderless printing option as well as the ability to print on both sides of a page and a great mobile app that you can easily navigate and print right from your finger tips. In hindsight I would definitely make the same selection, I have been very pleased with the quality, particularly the borderless printing, and most importantly the Instant Ink feature.

HP Instant Ink a relatively new program that has been incorporated with their printers and has simplified my home printing experience ten fold. All you need is an internet connection and a login, you select a plan that is right for you and the rest handles itself. Sounds simple, so what exactly does the service entail.

HP Instant Ink is a monthly service. When your printer is running low on ink, this service instantly sends a replacement cartridge straight to your door. No more checking your ink levels only to find out its too late and you will be unable to finish printing a major document for work or school. They also provide a little envelope for you to put your old ink cartridges. All you need to do is toss it in the mail, it gets shipped back to HP for recycle and proper disposal. According to HP, this method alone is reducing your carbon foot print by 84% in comparison to purchasing and disposing ink the traditional way. They do not charge by the cartridge but by the number of pages you print and also offer rollover pages if you didn't print as many the month before. The image above displays their rates and service plans for easy viewing. These plans can be changed at any time depending on your necessity for printing. Simply get setup and kick your feet back, let HP do the work for you and if your a frequent printer like myself, SAVE UP TO 600$ A YEAR on standard cartridges. There is still also the option to buy ink yourself.

Keep reading to learn how you can score several FREE months of HP Instant Ink!

If I have happened to keep your attention and your still interested in this wonderful service I'd like to share with you a few promotional ways to earn yourself free months of HP Instant Ink service. Great way to try out the service and get a hang of it before any serious commitment. The company offers a great referral program, but utilizing my link or entering promo code "h7mNn" until the end of November (11/30/17) successful referrals get 3 FREE MONTHS with valid subscription! Unaware of the next upcoming friend referral promotion, promotions in the past you receive 1 free month! I have done a little legwork for you, from HP Instant Ink's website entering promo code SAVE50PERCENT at checkout will get you 2 months free! The printer I purchased came with a 3 month free trail. I also stumbled across the promo code "6freeink" for a whopping 6 FREE MONTHS! These are stackable! I got a grand total of 10 months free during the period I got setup! I HIGHLY recommend selecting the highest printing plan (300pages) to get the most of the service during the trial period, it also helps avoid any extra charges. This has been an adjustment but I have YET to have a bad experience utilizing the service, ink comes promptly, the printer itself produces quality images. I wanted to write this blog article because I have had such a positive time with HP Instant Ink I wanted to share it with you too. Feel free to leave your personal experiences below, what printer did you select? Love to hear your feedback!

Promo Codes:

(The printer may come with its own trial, mine had 3) h7mNn- 3 Free Months (until 11/30/17) (1 Free Month After)

SAVE50PERCENT- 2 Free Months (Current Promotion from HP Instant Ink)

6freeink- 6 Free Months (Found via Google Search)

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