Take the Guess Work out of Wedding Registries with Amazon!

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Frazzled with decisions for your wedding? Let us help check off a priority item from your to-do list within minutes and make wedding prepping a little less chaotic with an incredible service from Amazon, Amazon Wedding. Easy to use (socially distant ;-)) online website where you can effortlessly create a unique, personal to you wedding registry. Select items from multiple sellers at one convenient location delivered right to you! Some things just can't get any easier!

*FREE shipping on eligible items and easy exchanges or returns.


Without ever leaving the house or bothering with those painful scanners and long processes you can freely look through an incredible selection of housewares and home-goods and select the most delightful set of dishware for the two of you to enjoy for years to come. Also, let's personalize it a bit and add on a brand new tent from the outdoor section for you and your spouses next adventure! Selections are limitless, but don't feel overwhelmed! Amazon Wedding does a wonderful job at helping you tackle some of the necessary items for your wedding with a gift adviser as well as, multiple sharing options and a convenient thank you list to send out to your generous gifters. *BONUS after the wedding if there are still items left on your registry Amazon will send you a 20% off promotion towards to remaining selections on your list if you wish to purchase them!


Just a tid bit from Lisa Foster Photography. Thank you for reading and we hope we made your wedding planning experience just a little less chaotic sharing Amazon Wedding with you!